“Kings, You’ve Been WARNED!” ⚠️- Psalm 2:10 Commentary

Psalm 2:10 commentary. Warning!
Kings of the earth must exercise extreme caution in the end times. But for what? Find out! Psalm 2:10 commentary

What Does Psalm 2:10 Mean?

Psalm 2:1010 Now therefore, O kings, be wise; be warned, O rulers of the earth.

Because of what David wrote before (“therefore”), it is utterly foolish for kings and rulers not to take note of what God is going to do with His Anointed Son in coming days. Respond!

What Kind of Response Should the Kings Have? Psalm 2:10 Commentary

They must “be wise” and “be warned.” It’s one thing to hear a warning and quite another to “be warned.” If you’re a king or a government ruler, take note. Reflect a bit…Let’s see here, ahem, ok…

  1. Kings and rulers are rebelling against the LORD and His Messiah (Psalm 2:2).
  2. The LORD laughs in disgust at them, taunts them (Psalm 2:3).
  3. The LORD is angry, furious, and will terrify rebellious rulers and kings (Psalm 2:5)
  4. The Son will one day come and destroy them all and take over the nations (Psalm 2:7-9)

It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to figure out what the response is to be. “Come on man!”

Kings and rulers are not true sovereigns. God in heaven is and so is His Son.

Shall you continue in your rebellious ways? Will you continue to defy the God of heaven? Of course not! How is that reasonable at all?

How about a biblical example? King Nebuchadnezzar and his grandson Belshazzar (both kings of Babylon) found out the hard way that you shouldn’t mess with God! Read Daniel 3-5 for more info on that.

Oh yeah, and Acts 12:20-23 also tells of how taking all the glory doesn’t work out so well in the end. Might not want to defy God, probably won’t work out for you very well in the end. Yeah, probably.

How would you like to be eaten by…

hungry worm, knife, fork-24634.jpg

Thanks, but no thanks. I’ll do what Psalm 2:11 tells me to do. Learn more!

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